Office of the Prime Minister


Fast Tracking Uganda’s Commitment to the 2030 Agenda

Private Sector Partnerships

Uganda’s private sector is increasingly paying attention to the 2030 Agenda and has been instrumental on several fronts. First, they have been instrumental in shaping the policy discourse on the country’s national development planning. Second, they have also been instrumental in supporting the coordination structure for SDG implementation. As well as being represented by the Private Sector Foundation of Uganda (PSFU) at the National SDG Taskforce, the private sector provided technical support to the preparation of the national roadmap for creating an enabling environment for SDG implementation. 


The private sector has also facilitated several dialogues aimed at advancing the SDGs. For instance, at a side event during the 2017 Solidarity Summit on Refugees, some private sector leaders showcased the potential business case for investing in refugee and host communities, and deliberated on the incentives required from Government for the private sector to engage proactively in supporting local communities in business value chains.

The private sector is increasingly putting a human face to their business operations to advance the welfare of Ugandan citizens. For example, with UNDP support, 45 enter- prises are implementing the Gender Equality Seal Certification Programme, which aims to promote gender equality in the workplace, and contribute to the achievement of SDG 5.