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Private Sector Platform

About the Private Sector Platform

The critical role of the private sector in implementation of the SDG Agenda has been recognized internationally and in Uganda. The Private Sector SDG Platform is envisaged as a nationally owned multi-component and multi-stakeholder mechanism to holistically address various aspects of private sector engagement in the SDGs.

The purpose of the National Platform is to mobilize the domestic private sector in Uganda for implementation of the SDGs by providing continuous support and guidance to facilitate its effective contribution to achievement of the SDG targets and the NDP III objectives. 

The Platform is expected to address several interrelated areas that have been recognized as the critical enablers for the private sector to effectively engage in SDG implementation and will pursue four mutually complementary objectives:

  • Facilitate a continued dialogue between the private sector and the other relevant stakeholders including the Government, UN agencies, nongovernment organizations, academia and others.
  • Improve access to relevant global, regional and national knowledge and expertise for innovation and experimentation and promote global and regional knowledge sharing and peer-to-peer learning, South-South and triangular cooperation, to design and implement productive SDG-responsive models and processes.
  • Deliver technical assistance, business development services and financial support to enable businesses to develop and pilot such models and take the successful pilots to scale.
  • Pioneer a centre of excellence model for design and implementation of effective methods of private sector participation in the SDGs based on strong national ownership for forging an effective partnership with the private sector to achieve the SDGs. 

How it works

The Platform is designed to have four dynamically interacting and mutually complementary components: Private Sector SDG Coordination Platform, which is an umbrella for all other components; Knowledge Center and Innovation Lab; Technical assistance/BDS Facility; Challenge Fund.

The Platform is a tripartite partnership between the Government of Uganda, the UN, Chamber of Commerce, and PSFU. The partnership brings together key members of the SDG National Taskforce with vested interested in the private sector. This structure will ensure a strong link between the national SDG Coordination Structure and the Private Sector SDG Platform allowing the partners in the Platform to bring high-level policy issues to the attention of the SDG National Taskforce and, if necessary, the SDG Policy Coordination Committee.

The Platform is not a standalone facility but should be integrated into the existing national and international mechanisms that promote private sector involvement in the SDG implementation.