Localization and Popularization

SDG Promotion, Localization and Popularization: The Secretariat has undertaken various initiatives to enhance knowledge of, and action of the SDGs across the country, guided by a Communication and Advocacy Strategy drafted and agreed upon by the Communication and Popularization Technical Working Group. The process included media engagements in various ways, including through press briefings with support from the Uganda Media Centre, placement of articles and op-eds, and media coverage (including live TV broadcasts) of key events and activities.

In November 2020, the Secretariat’s Communication function received a major boost in these activities with funding from UNDP for a robust media campaign which the Vision Group executed. The campaign kicked off with coverage in the New Vision and Bukedde (Print), Wan Luo TV, Rupiny Radio and Arua One FM (Northern Uganda), Etop Radio (Eastern Uganda), Urban TV, Bukedde TV, XFM, and Bukedde FM (Central Uganda), as well as Radio West and TV West (Western Uganda).

The campaign included radio and TV spot ads about the SDGs, produced in partnership with Amariatek Life Coaching, a youth-led organization that is part of the Youth Coalition for SDGs, and talk shows and interviews in English and different local languages. Also, the SDG Secretariat launched the national SDG website with support from UNDP. The website at http://sdgs.opm.go.ug was approved by the National SDG Task Force, led by the Permanent Secretary.