Partnership with Civil Society Organisations

The CSOs have a critical role to work with governments in implementing their agendas, delivering services, generating research and evidence, holding governments accountable to their commitment and acting as watch-dogs to the duty bearers. They are change agents driving behavioural change through SDG sensitization and advocacy under their outreach to people in the communities

The SDG Secretariat is working together with CSOs through a partnership MoUs with CSOs led by the Uganda National NGO Forum. This is in recognition of CSOs capacity to increase accountability, creating awareness and promoting citizen participation in SDGs. The Uganda National NGO Forum hosts the National CSO Core Reference Group (NCCRG) on SDGs, a consortium of CSOs engage in SDGs work.

The fair collaboration between the CG, LGs and CSOs was attributed to the CSOs’ passionate interest in the implementation of the SDGs. Besides, CSOs supplement Government efforts. Thus, it was observed that the CG and LGs regularly guide the CSOs on service delivery gaps in line with the SDG framework.

It was also reported that some CSOs have working/collaboration MoUs with the CG and LGs. Similarly, sentiments were expressed by the majority of the CSOs who responded to the online survey, adding that the SDG coordination structure provides space for CSOs to have an entry point into involvement in the SDGs implementation