The Role of Implementing Agencies; SDGs are integrated and indivisible; they are broad and touch on all aspects of development. Therefore, the goals and targets are implemented through plans, strategies and projects of all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), and Local Governments (LGs) in Uganda.

Parliament; Parliament plays a significant role in mobilizing and allocating resources and in providing oversight in the implementation of the SDGs. In addition, due to their closeness to the people in their constituencies, Members of Parliament are advocates, mobilizers and ambassadors for the SDGs.

Ministries, Departments and Agencies; MDAs implement the SDGs and ensure that all plans, budgets and activities reflect relevant SDGs. They constitute the Technical Working Groups, produce administrative data to inform SDG monitoring and progress reporting. The UBOS reviews data in collaboration with the respective MDAs and validates them to ensure they are fit for use.

Local Governments: Local Governments are the key implementers of SDGs. They are at the forefront of implementing SDGs at the local level by addressing local challenges through service delivery. Local Governments also produce disaggregated data that feeds into the National Statistical System, thereby helping identification of those that are being left behind in the journey towards sustainable development. They are also part of the SDG reporting structure, as information from the LGs feeds into the quarterly TWG progress reports, and bi-annual and annual reporting through the respective SWGs.