SDG Roadmap

In 2018, the National SDG Task force developed and launched a costed National SDG Roadmap which contains priority actions to catalyze the implementation of SDGs across the country in October 2018. The roadmap aligned and synchronized approaches and efforts of government and all stakeholders for the strategic attainment of the SDGs, and guided the implementation of the coordination framework of SDGs.
Following the expiration of the first SDG roadmap in 2020, the Government – with support from the United Nations Development Programme – undertook an exercise to review the National Coordination Framework and based on the findings, developed a new National SDG Roadmap (2020/21 – 2024/25). The new roadmap will ensure that the strategies employed to achieve the SDGs are in conformity with the third National Development Plan (NDP III) programme areas, with interventions under three broad categories identified as SDG accelerators – Environment, Governance and Industry.

Much like the first one, this roadmap does not assume the roles and responsibilities of Ministries, Departments and Agencies, sub-national institutions and non-state actors in implementing the SDGs. Rather, it is intended to create an enabling environment to empower all relevant actors to contribute to the realization of the goals. It is also a resource mobilization tool for the 2030 Agenda during the NDP III period. While the Government acknowledges that achieving the SDGs is primarily its responsibility, it also emphasizes that there is a need for strong partnerships and collaborations to fast track commitments to the SDGs.