Partnership with the Development Partners

The UN Agencies have been active in contributing to strengthening policy mechanisms, coordination structures and creating an enabling environment for the implementation of the agenda 2030 through structures aligned to the national SDG structures. The UNCT has been at the centre of technically supporting implementing institutions to realize their objectives. Specific focus has been on supporting the acceleration of the localization of the SDG and building on Uganda’s leadership in their adoption in 2015. Development Partners including DFID, GIZ, and Norway, support sector/MDA interventions that contribute to SDG achievement. GIZ specifically supports the SDG Hub at the SDG Secretariat. These non-state actors participate in policy discussions and decision-making committees of the SDG coordination framework held at programme, and MDA levels to review and comment on public sector performance. They provide an external perspective on Government’s performance and results; provide feedback to domestic and international constituencies on Government’s performance and results; and assist Government through financial, technical and other forms of assistance to strengthen its performance.