In preparation for the 2023 National SDG Conference, the Office of the Prime Minister, in collaboration with the SDG Secretariat and the Uganda National NGO Forum, partnered with the SDG champions, World Vision Uganda, Bank of Uganda, Local Governments, Regional Advocacy Networks, Esara Microfinance, Innovation Village, Dependable Foundation and the Royal Danish Embassy to organize four regional SDG Festivals across Uganda. These collaborations provided a platform to bring together the technical expertise and political support of all stakeholders, contributing to the effective implementation of the festivals. The festivals were held in Western Uganda (Mbarara City), Eastern Uganda (Jinja City), Central Uganda (Mubende District), and Northern Uganda (Lira City).

During the regional Peoples’ SDG Festivals, a series of activities took place over three days from 15th May to 8th June 2023. These activities included SDG walks, tree planting, citizen parliaments, and stakeholder forums, all aimed at engaging and mobilizing citizens in each region. Additionally, pre-event activities such as regional caravans and radio talk shows were conducted to rally participation and raise awareness about the SDGs among local communities. By localizing and contextualizing the SDGs, these events sought to enhance citizens’ understanding and commitment to sustainable development in their specific regions.

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