The Government of Uganda, under the overall coordination of the Office of the Prime Minister, initiated a domestic review platform that would expedite follow-up, review and validate progress made on the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the 2030 Agenda.

The SDG Secretariat Office of the Prime Minister organized and hosted a twitter space under the theme, “Youth and Sustainable Development Goals in Uganda.”

The purpose was to provide a forum for exchange between the Youth and stakeholders on how to strengthen meaningful youth participation in the implementation, monitoring, reporting and accountability processes of the SDGs and come up with the Youth position paper on SDGs for influencing decision making.

The meeting objectives were; To improve young people’s understanding of SDGs, their roles and opportunities for inclusion in SDG decision-making, implementation and National Review processes; To provide a platform for participants to share best practices, lessons learnt, challenges and recommendations to meaningful youth participation in implementation of the 2030 Agenda; To improve existing participation mechanisms for adequate Youth representation in the SDG related structures at National and Subnational level.

Youth, CSOs and Government Agencies discussed and agreed upon avenues to promote meaningful participation of Youth in SDGs localization, implementation, monitoring and reporting. Young people and CSOs were empowered with new knowledge on SDGs and were ready to contribute to the National review process through an established youth reference group and able to drive youth issues; The conversation was held as a successful platform that allowed open discussions and knowledge sharing on the implementation of the SDGs in the country by the young people. Participants were able to obtain knowledge for effective involvement in the implementation of SDGs, there was generation of Youth position paper that was agreed upon by participants.

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